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Jones Natural Chews Pork Femur Bone Dog Treat

Our Pork Femur is an allergy friendly treat for non-aggressive chewers. Dipped in natural liquid smoke and having meaty pieces left on the bone, makes for one luscious treat. It happens to be a whole USA pork femur bone from the hind leg, with knuckles on each end. The pork femur bone is a chew for small to medium dogs.IngredientsPork...

Jones Natural Chews Beef Shank Bone Dog Treat

This Beef Shank Bone is a meaty USA beef bone from the front or hind leg, and is very tough and durable. It is good for even the most aggressive chewers to say the least, and will provide hours of chewing pleasure! This beef bone is a chew for medium to large dogs.IngredientsBeef shank boneGuaranteed Analysis Nutrient Guaranteed Units Crude...

Jones Natural Chews Windees Dog Treat

Windees are leaving dogs around the world breathless. Windees are an oven baked USA beef's windpipe or trachea tube. They have a good source of chondroitin and glucosamine without any added ingredients. This a a treat for dogs of all sizes.IngredientsBeef trachea.Guaranteed Analysis Nutrient Guaranteed Units Crude Protein 45.0% min Crude Fat 10.0% min Crude Fiber 3.0% max Moisture 13.0%...

Jones Natural Chews Pumpers Dog Treat

Being whole-heartedly and naturally baked is the way into any dog's heart. Our special muscle can make any canines pumper start to race with just one bite. Great dog treat for all size dogs.IngredientsPork heartGuaranteed Analysis Nutrient Guaranteed Units Crude Protein 55.0% min Crude Fat 11.0% min Crude Fiber 2.0% max Moisture 15.0% max

Jones Natural Chews Top Crest Bone Dog Treat

This is the best part of the crown, where all the gems are. Our Top Crest Bone is the top of our knuckles, for those dogs that are really into their goodies. The Top Crest bone is a USA beef tibia, hind leg knuckle. This natural liquid smoke dipped treat is yummy enough to be enjoyed by dogs of all...

Jones Natural Chews Hooves Dog Treat

Dogs find these delicious hooves irresistible, making them one of our most popular treats. Providing hours of gnawing time, these hooves are a great source of protein. Hooves are USA beef toenail that have been thoroughly cleaned and backed to there finest. So let your dog go crazy over this treat! Hooves are a chew for all size dogs.IngredientsBeef hoof.Guaranteed...

Jones Natural Chews Center Bone Dog Treat

One of our top ten items, Center Bones are popular with any dog. Most of our centers will have a succulent marrow in the center of the bone, along with tasty meaty pieces left on the bone. Each of our centers are dipped in natural liquid smoke, then slowly roasted for greatness. These centers are USA beef femur bones great...

Jones Natural Chews Beef Knee Cap Dog Treat

Protect and cover is the knee cap function. This makes it one of our strongest and thickest bones. The knee cap is surrounded with meat and has a hint of liquid smoke to hit the spot! The knee caps are a USA beef knee cap joint from the hind leg.IngredientsBeef Knee CapGuaranteed Analysis Nutrient Guaranteed Units Crude Protein 24% min...